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The Plaid Squirrel

Ever since I drew my first tree in grade school I wanted to be an artist, than realizing I would starve doing that, I changed to striving to become an art teacher. Well that didn't come to be but my love of art remains. I admire anyone that has talent to create something from anything and these days that means things like old pots, parts of old tractors, dumpster, old wood or whatever that artist chooses.

The search was on for the perfect spot and after driving past and dreaming about several different property options my sister Susan found the perfect (you have to really use your imagination here) place. The property was owned by Louie Zitzelberger (alias Popeye) originally a one room school house making it almost 100 years old. Louie was a collector of sorts (of lots and lots and lots of things). Which looking back, Louie knew exactly what The Plaid Squirrel wanted to become. Not just an art gallery with some nice gifts and paintings but a store that inspires reclaiming, refurbishing, and reusing vintage stuff providing the most unique art and home décor in the area.

My little sister Susan and myself, along with over 60 local artists want you to be “Inspired” as soon as you walk in the door or stroll through the garden.

Please come and visit us, we’re open all year!

Nancy and Susan

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